Dragonmarks are manifestations of the dragons’ influence in the bloodlines. They are a sign of nobility and houses bearing these marks carry strong influence within the empires.
The dragonmarked lineages trace all the way back to the Progenitor Dragons:

  • Aurora
    • Mark of Detection
    • Mark of Hospitality
  • Tianaran
    • Mark of Healing
  • Sheeranar
    • Mark of Scribing
  • Haranineer
    • Mark of Finding
  • Querrasian
    • Mark of Making
  • Furyion
    • Mark of Warding
    • Mark of Sentinel
  • Arkan
    • Mark of Storm
  • Corrozus
    • Mark of Shadow
  • Korril
    • Mark of Handling
  • Akis
    • Mark of Passage

Aberrant marks’ origins are untraced and the Marked Houses do their best to hide the very existence of such marks.

Strangely, Marks have been known to appear on individuals without traceable lineage to the House. The Houses will usually find ways to mask these “clerical oversights” and profess that such individuals are in fact members of the House.

Stranger still, however, Marks will sometimes appear on other races who can’t possibly be related to the House that mark is associated with (such as warforged who have no lineages at all, or a gnome with the Mark of Shadow which normally only appears on Drow). These individuals are seen as a threat to the status quo by the Houses and are actively sought out by the Houses in order to assassinate them or enslave them or otherwise hide them away.

Dragonborn, though they have no official lineage, are born of true dragons so rumors of dragonborn with Marks are given credence. Depending on the Mark and the House, positions taken in these cases may vary widely from curiosity to reverence to fear.


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