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[unnamed continent] is a large continental landmass in the southern hemisphere of [unnamed world]. It spans roughly 5000 km from east to west.

Nearly since creation, the dragons have ruled over this world. [unnamed continent] is divided among them. Though the borders have shifted back and forth over the ages, the metallic dragons have always had control over the northern half of the continent and the chromatics have controlled the south.

The northern empire is divided into five kingdoms, each presided over by one of the metallic queens:

  • Queen Aurora (gold)
  • Queen Tianaran (silver)
  • Queen Sheeranar (brass)
  • Queen Haraineer (bronze)
  • Queen Querrasian (copper)

The five queens share rule evenly, though Aurora’s kingdom is the official seat of the empire.

The southern empire is likewise divided among the chromatics though there is a hierarchy to their rule:

  • Emperor Furyion (red)
  • High King Arkan (blue)
  • Emir Corrozus (black)
  • Shah Korril (green)
  • King Akis (white)

Akis, Korril, and Corrozus are all directly under Arkan’s rule who answers only to Furyion.

Main Page

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