Gold dragon magistrate of Sanction

Elder Gold Dragon (MM2 p 82)
Huge natural magical beast (dragon)
Initiative +18
Perception +23 (darkvision)
Speed 8, fly 12 (hover) overland flight 15
Lawful good

Arcana +27
Athletics +25
Diplomacy +25
Insight +23
Intimidate +25
Str 27 (+20)
Dex 22 (+18)
Wis 23 (+18)
Con 22 (+18)
Int 30 (+22)
Cha 26 (+20)

Being a gold dragon of his advanced age, Radiance is a veteran of several wars.
In his youth he carried a rider, but the rider was killed in battle. It was a jarring experience for Radiance, showing him just how frail the mortal races are. He became detached after that, leading a solitary life even among his own kind. He’s a brilliant tactician and rose the ranks to be a general in the northern empire.
He doesn’t carry much regard for the lives of individual mortals but he is concerned with the overall well-being of those in his charge; he had commanded vast armies of warforged during the last war and had seen first-hand the devastation wrought when warforged and dragonborn armies slaughtered each other down to the very last man. He knows that the wars can only grow more devastating and will seek to avoid a new conflict at any cost.
Sanction declared itself sovereign, but Solamnia insisted that a magistrate continue to reign over the city. Sanction’s ruling nobility was resistant but acquiesced when Radiance pledged to resign his position as a general and renounce all allegiances within the northern empire; declaring that he would be a sovereign magistrate. It was a compromise that Sanction accepted and since then Radiance has maintained Sanction’s security and independence.

His rider was a deva who was lanced off his back in an aerial combat by an (evil) deva riding a blue dragon. Distraught over his rider’s death, he ripped one of the blue’s wings off and left him and his rider to fall to their death.

Radiance’s rider was named Shara.


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