to be a dragon

Dragonborn were stolen from greatness, they want that back

The dragonborn were created by desecrating a Dragon egg, performing a ritual on the unborn dragon to turn it against it’s parents and heritage. Some dragonborn are angry at this, and wish to demolish the ones that stole their chance for greatness, while others simply look for a way to achieve that greatness in spite of the hideous ritual that claimed their true dragonhood.

The party arrived in Sanction, happy and healthy, but hungry for more action! Sadly, nothing special seemed to be happening in the sovereign city. That is, until they met a group of dragonborn. These dragonborn had but an inkling that something awful was going to happen in this city unless something was done, but they knew not where, why, how, or when. Through much poking and prodding around the city and convincing of Radiance, the city magistrate, they managed to gain access to the old, dilapidated temple of Tiamat and do some research in there.

Inside, among the old temple quarters, they found a secret hatch, which dropped them right on top of a group of dragonborn. Immediately, a fight broke out, but the party claimed this victory with ease. Proceeding deeper into the temple, they found a ritual circle that seemed to be new, and for a nefarious purpose. Upon further inspection of the room, a secret door was found that contained the egg of a gold dragon! The party saved this unborn creature from certain death but on the way out encountered a pair of jacked up dragonborn who had been torturing Furiaroth. Together they defeated these malevolent bastards and saved Furiaroth from certain death. Having saved a dragonborn and an unborn dragon, the party left the temple feeling good about their triumph. Unfortunately, rather than saving the city with these actions, they merely set the wheels in motion to destroy it. When giving the egg to Radiance, reports came that dragonborn all over were ransacking the city! Radiance gave the party his blessing and a portion of his power, which would ensure that they would survive the oncoming assault. The party fought through a horde of dragonborn to make it to the temple at the center of town, where they could protect the townspeople. However, it wasn’t long before the dragonborn who dreamed of becoming a dragon, Korath, showed up here. He had no demands, other than the killing of innocent men and women. Standing in his path, the party denied the dragonborn his victory, slaying the abomination of a half-dragon and saving the city.


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