The First Adventure

Heroes meet at an inn, and find their way into the heart of the mountain

It was an unlikely coincidence which started it all. Five people, in an inn, in a mountain pass, in the middle of nowhere.

These five people, Mar the spoony bard, Rook the rocky warlord, Eranah the angelic avenger, throwaway wizard 1, and the artist soon to be known as Tony, arrived in pieces to this place. Throwaway wizard 1 and his concubine, Mar, had decided that the other three patrons in the bar would be the perfect people to bring with them on a loot run of a nearby ruin. Mar handled the talking, and managed to convince the other three people in the inn to join them into the ruin, despite having a bad background with a few of them. The adventure had begun.

It got off to a rocky start, with the party not sure how to proceed to enter the ruin, or even knowing where it was! Fortunately, after much falling off of cliffs, throwing of stones, and making waves in rocks, an entrance was found into the ruin! The ruin itself was an old temple to tiamat that stretched into the heart of the mountain. The party passed by some ancient prophecies, of how Tiamat would destroy the world.

Proceeding deeper into the mountain, they happened upon a dragon! Though the dragon was young, it was strong. After nearly eradicating the party, it was Rook who heroically slayed the beast with his might falchion. The heroes rejoiced, and among the dragon’s loot found a magical sword and another companion, throwaway wizard 2. Throwaway wizard 1 had decided that he would not stand for another caster in the party, so he left in a huff.

The party welcomed throwaway wizard 2 into it’s arms, and the mage shared with the party his experience with a party of dragonborn who had led him into this mountain, and apparently had abandoned him to be eaten by the young dragon who’s life was taken by the party. The companions continued deeper into the mountain, searching for the dragonborn who had left the newly found friend to die in this terrible place. On the way, they encountered some traps which were very deadly and almost killed a couple of the members of the party. Deeper and Deeper they went into the mountain, and happened upon the group of dragonborn that had abandoned the wizard. According to the dragonborn the wizard was supposed to guide them into the mountain, but they had gotten disconnected along the way somehow. The party mediated a discussion between the two partied, and the dragonborn’s leader, Furiaroth, was very adamant about one thing. He wanted something very specific from this place, but he would not let the party know what that was.

The party aided the dragonborn in clearing a debris filled hallway, and the decision was made to stick together to conquer this dungeon.

They proceed deeper into the place, with Furiaroth now leading the party, until they happened upon a back entrance to a dragon’s cave! The gigantic red dragonborn left the party at this point, proceeding on on his own. After a short while, he returned, looking very happy and possibly even a bit bigger than before. He and Rook exchanged goodbyes, shaking hands materialistically. Rook felt a new power flowing through his body. The Dragonborn left with throwaway wizard 2, and the party now consisted of Rook, Eranah, Tony, and Mar. They milled around the Dragon’s lair for a little while longer, acquiring wealth and magical items from the lair itself and the rooms in the abondoned temple. Although powerful, the temple’s guardians were no match for the party. Then, the party left the temple to split the goods and decide where to go next…


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