Suddenly, Pirates!

The party heads towards the nearest town, a trading post near the dwarven capital. There, they attempt to find Furyarith. After a night of flitting through alleyways, sidestreets, roads, and questioning townfolk, members of Furyarith’s crew, and inn employees, the party finds Furyarith attempting to board a ship to Sanction. The party and Furyarith manage to charter a ship named Weatherlight, although the captain Gerrard is not at all happy about carting passengers around, seeing as how his ship is a cargo ship. Before the party leaves, Furyarith reveals to them that he is associated with a group that he does not trust.

On the way to sanction, the ship is attacked by Pirates! A horrific battle ensues, Rook gets nearly thrown out off of the ship, holes get blown in Weatherlight’s hull, as the party, Furiaroth, and a mysterious passenger get dragged into the brawl.

This passenger boarded the other ship and sabotaged the pirate’s elemental drive. Rook, seeing the device killing the elemental, attempted to remove the device, but the device damaged Rook so badly he had to let go. Eranah managed to remove the device, but it was too late. Before the air elemental died, it gave Rook a kiss.

The Pirate’s ship was going down fast, but Furiaroth spread his wings and saved Rook and Eranah from going down with it. Upon arriving in Sanction, the group agrees to seperate from Furiaroth, so as to not drag the party into the shady organization that he had gotten himself into.


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